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March 12, 2019

Defend the safety and human rights of Afghan women and children

The war raging in Afghanistan which often escapes global attention is that of Afghan women, who till this day remain marginalized in virtually all aspects of life.From education to healthcare to employment— Afghan women are often unable to access crucial services and enjoy the full rights of citizenship.

Despite the downfall of the Taliban regime, which control the country in the 1990’s, women in many parts of the country are still subject to arbitrary arrests and punishment (such as public lashings) for violating ‘moral codes’. The government also fails to properly protect women who are subject to domestic violence and abuse.

Since its foundation in 2011, Women for Afghan Women (WAW), has been working to fill in the gaps and support thousands of Afghan women and children in need throughout 13 provinces in the country.

Using grassroots tactics, WAW offer services such as refugee assistance, emergency medical care, legal aid and mediation, and elaborate human rights training in local communities for both women and men. WAW also operates long-term shelters for women and children who were victims of violence and abuse.

Additionally, the organization utilizes its New York and Washington, D.C. offices to provide support to female Afghan migrants in the United States (many of whom are asylum seekers), and lobby on behalf of them in the capital, so that lawmakers would take into consideration the human rights violations and challenges faced by women in Afghanistan.

To learn more about their services and make a donation, please visit WAW’s website.

Image Credit: Robert Mark via Flickr. 

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Defend the safety and human rights of Afghan women and children