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November 18, 2019

ILGA-Europe advocates on behalf of the queer community

As the debate around LGBTQI rights grows more prominent, visible, and widespread, governments across Europe have stepped up their game when it comes to granting equal rights and protections to LGBTQI individuals. One of the current examples of this is Germany’s process of passing a law banning Gay Conversion Therapy (GCT) - a practice that has scarred queer individuals for decades and has even led to suicide. 

That said, many European nations still struggle to rectify the deeply entrenched bias against the queer community, and fail to pass laws and regulations that protect LGBTQI individuals, grant them equal access to opportunities and services, and enable them to lead a life of dignity and confidence. 

ILGA-Europe is a non-profit umbrella organisation collaborating with close to 600 LGBTQI organisations from 54 countries in Europe and Central Asia, advocating for legal, social, and political change in these countries. 

ILGA-Europe’s work is concentrated in two primary areas: advocating for human rights and equality and strengthening the LGBTQI movement across the region.  

As an advocacy force, ILGA-Europe works closely with governments, institutions, and organisations, such as the EU, in an effort to promote ideals of equality and compassion and end discrimination of queer people. The organisation serves as an intermediary between its member NGOs and various governments and state institutions, working to ensure that the voices of those within the LGBTQI movement are considered in the crafting of policies. Among the areas of LGBTQI advocacy ILGA-Europe focuses on are anti-discrimination laws, LGBTQI asylum seekers, education, health, employment, and trans and intersex rights. 

All the while, ILGA-Europe functions as a source of support for its member organisations throughout the continent, providing them with legal advice, expertise, training, and funding. The organisation ensures that the kind of support it offers its member organisations is tailored to their specific needs, depending on their geographic location and the socio-political and economic atmosphere in their country or region. 

To learn more about ILGA-Europe’s work, access its reports, find out about job opportunities, or pledge a donation, please visit the organisation’s website.

On the website you will also find instructions on how to register your organisation as a member, and guidance on how to foster an inclusive atmosphere at  your workplace that welcomes people of all genders, backgrounds, and sexual orientations. 

Image: ILGA-Europe Facebook page

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ILGA-Europe advocates on behalf of the queer community