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September 03, 2018

Help fighting racism in Eastern Europe

As waves of migrants and asylum seekers continue to arrive in Europe, racism and xenophobia intensify among local populations whose fears are exacerbated by populist politicians and owing to a lack of knowledge of the root cause of the migration crisis.

In Eastern Europe, the rising hatred towards North African and Middle Eastern migrants ties directly to deep-rooted racist inclinations that afflicted this part of the continent for many decades, arguably due to religious zeal and lack of ethnic diversity.

NEVER AGAIN, a Poland-based ‘anti-racism’ organization made dispelling hatred and promoting tolerance its primary mission. Founded in 1996, the organization operates across Poland, as well as in other countries in Eastern and Central Europe, in an attempt to “ promote multicultural understanding and to contribute to the development of a democratic civil society.” NEVER AGAIN’s objectives are raising awareness of racism (among both local populations and internationally), and formulating a strong movement to tackle and eliminate xenophobic sentiments from all spheres of life in Eastern Europe.

The organization’s two primary areas of focus are eradicating racist tendencies among the youth through pro-tolerance education and tackling xenophobia in football stadiums (which proves to be a dire plague across Eastern Europe).

The organization provides periodic reports to both local and international media outlets and journalists regarding trends of racism in Eastern Europe, and organizes fairs, events, football matches, and workshops aimed at promoting tolerance.

Supporting local organizations, such as NEVER AGAIN, that focus on educating the young generation and inspiring them to renounce racism, is an effective way to tame the wave of xenophobia raging across the Western World.

Visit NEVER AGAIN’s website to learn about their ongoing projects and programs, help spread the information they compile on trends and manifestations of racism, and donate to their cause.

Image credit: NEVER AGAIN

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Help fighting racism in Eastern Europe