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November 30, 2019

GivePower provides solar energy and clean water to developing communities worldwide

While world governments are stalling on meaningful climate action, local communities and NGOs are paving the path toward clean energy production, helping hundreds of thousands of people across the globe.

GivePower is a nonprofit organisation providing solar energy solutions to regions and communities in the developing world. 

Founded six years ago, the organisation installs solar energy systems that power food production, clean water through desalination, electricity in schools, businesses and emergency services, and is used to support animal and land conservation efforts. 

One of GivePower’s most notable systems, called the solar water farm, can provide clean water for up to 35,000 people on a daily basis, and has already transformed the lives of thousands of people in Kiunga, Kenya. There, GivePower provided a solution to the town residents, who for years - up until 2018 - were forced to drink, cook, and bathe in contaminated water. The organisation installed a solar water farm in the village which enabled them to transform ocean water into drinking water in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. 

The organisation conducts partnerships with various companies and teams in the field of renewable and sustainable energy, supports their projects through the development phase, and connects them with communities in developing regions where solar energy could both alter the lives of residents and contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint. 

“We’ve powered over 2,650 schools across 17 countries and changed the lives of over 400,000 people,” the organisation’s website reads. 

Their projects are carried out through consistent collaboration and coordination with local communities, to ensure that the solutions developed are compatible with their needs and sustainable. 

If you or someone you know is in the energy field and would like to learn more about GivePower’s work and how to partner with them, please visit their website

You may also pledge a donation and help GivePower provide solar energy and clean drinking water in communities from Kenya to Nepal to Haiti.

Image: wasbst.com

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GivePower provides solar energy and clean water to developing communities worldwide