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The unrestricted usage of mercury - a highly toxic chemical - in gold mining operations across Zimbabwe is wreaking havoc in communities around the country, leading to rampant illness and deaths and inflicting terrible damage on the environment. 

International and governmental efforts to mitigate the usage of mercury and phase it out in a way that provides an alternative solutions for Zimbabweans who depend financially on the gold industry are ongoing, but so far have been insufficient. 

The Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA) is a non-profit environmental law group based in Zimbabwe that promotes environmental justice, sustainable and equitable use of natural resources, and good governance in the natural resource sector. 

Established in 2001, ZELA engage in research and policy research, advocacy, impact litigation and civic education, and work closely both with communities on the ground and governmental entities in order to promote the safety and equal access of Zimbabweans of all backgrounds to natural resources. 

ZELA currently runs four main programmes: Extractive Industries (Mining) Programme, Urban Environment Programme, Rural Communities Programme, and Transboundary Natural Resources Management Programme.

As part of the Mining Programme, the organisation works to increase transparency and accountability in the sector, ensure that mining companies abide by national laws, and promote legal and policy reforms for good governance over mineral resources and usage. 

“In carrying out our work we firmly believe that government and private sector operators have a duty to uphold democratic values, human rights and be transparent and accountable to the people in the extraction and exploitation of natural resources as well as the management of revenues and payments for the benefit of affected communities and the whole nation,” ZELA states on its website. 

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