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The Trump administration has set in motion a comprehensive onslaught on governmental mechanisms designed to protect the environment.

From weakening the Endangered Species Act to slashing environmental regulations and allowing oil and drilling companies to operate without restraint, the administration seems determined to eliminate the institutional and legal instruments protecting our planet and our communities.

Earthjustice is a U.S.-based nonprofit environmental law organisation, using litigation and partnerships to protect people’s health, preserve wildlife, promote clean energy, and tackle the climate crisis.

"We’re here because the earth needs a good lawyer," Earthjustice's website reads. 

Founded in 1971, the organisation has 14 offices across the United States and currently runs over 600 legal proceedings. Their team includes over 130 of the nation’s best attorneys specialising in environmental law, as well as research analysts, policy experts, and staff scientists. 

Together, they mount legal efforts to use existing laws in order to protect the health of communities around the country from pollution and toxic chemicals; preserve wildlife and ensure the safety of our planet’s ecosystem; and cut down emissions and advance the shift from polluting to clean energy

Earthjustice has over 500 clients at the moment, whom they represent for free. “Our clients have one thing in common,” the organisation states on its website, “They stand on the frontlines of the fight for a healthy environment for all.”

Please visit Earthjustice’s website to learn more about their work, sign up for their action alerts or pledge a donation

Image: G Siva. 

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‘Earth needs a good lawyer!’