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May 21, 2018

Women's lives matter! Justice For Noura!

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by:FairPlanet Editorial Team

Forced to marry in the age of 15, Noura Hussein ran away from home and sought refugee with her aunt. She was tricked into returning by her father, who handed her over to her husband's family.After Hussein refused to consummate the marriage, her husband's relatives held her down while he raped her. A day later her husband tried to rape her again, and Noura stabbed him to death. When she went to her parents for support, they turned her in to the police.

Noura was imprisoned in Omdurman, Sudan. That was last year, in 2017. On Sunday, April 29, 2018, Noura was found guilty in court of premeditated murder,the punishment for which is death by hanging.

The harrowing details of her case have set social media and WhatsApp ablaze in Sudan. And in recent days it has captured international attention with the hashtags #JusticeforNoura and #SaveNoura. Thousands of people have shared a change.org petition.

Noura became also an symbol for the fact that one in every three women worldwide has experienced physical or sexual violence at one time in their lives with intimate partner violence being the most predominant. Two out of three women have been physically assaulted by their partners.

On Monday (21 June), the United nations – UN Women, UNHCR, UNFPA have called on the Sudanese government to grant clemency in the case of Noura. We call you to support the change.org campaign to get #JusticeForNoura!

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Women's lives matter! Justice For Noura!