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January 16, 2018

Urgent: Call on the UK Government to Help Girls Go to School

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located:United Kingdom
by:Deniz Zehra Tavli

Education is a universal human right — but around the world, the mayority girls are being denied their right to learn, simply because of their gender. This is not only completely unjust, but also has drastic consequences on their health, wealth, and happiness.

The UK has the power to help these girls thrive by renewing its commitment to the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) , a fund ensuring that all children are given their right to learn.

The U.S. based community platform Global Citizen is calling on the UK government to help 1.6 million more children — including 783,000 girls — go to school by committing vital UK aid to this fund. A full pledge of £380 million would also help to train about 141,000 teachers, build some 2000 classrooms, and distribute around 17 million textbooks.

The UK’s previous contributions to GPE have had a huge impact on girls’ lives; in just two years it helped an extra 670,000 girls go to school. It could continue to play a leading role in the fight for girls’ education by renewing its support for this vital fund, which could encourage other countries to follow suit. But time is running out. In less than one month, world leaders will meet at the GPE Financing Conference in Senegal to announce commitments to support education in developing countries.

Act fast to get the ball rolling for girls’ education: send a tweet calling on the UK to help children go to school by committing UK aid to GPE.

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Urgent: Call on the UK Government to Help Girls Go to School