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Ravaged by years of brutal civil war, South Sudan currently faces an acute humanitarian crisis. Out of the country’s nearly 13 million citizens, 7.1 of them are at risk of severe food insecurity. The widespread destruction and utter collapse of the local economy as a result of the war left million of South Sudanese unable to produce crop and obtain sufficient food, rendering them dependent on imports and exacerbating the rampant famine in the country.

As of 2018, 1.7 million South Sudanese are internally displaced and roughly 2.5 million of them are refugees in neighboring countries.

As chaos rages in the African nation, numerous organizations engage in hands on efforts to tackle the crisis, provide humanitarian aid, and help local communities heal and become self-sufficient.

Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) is a South Sudanese NGO which promotes peace and conflict mitigation, human rights, rule of law, livelihood, governance, and democratic transformation. The organization trains South Sudanese university students and graduates to facilitate significant and practical change in their home communities. They provide training to local state and county institutions, facilitate and organize dialogues between different communities to foster solidarity and cooperation, and provide training and workshops aimed at understanding the causes of poverty, the challenges faced by local communities, and instructing them to develop more sustainable livelihoods. The organization also raises awareness of the importance of the rule of law and principles of democracy, educates communities regarding existing laws, expands paralegal services, and advocates for implementation and enactment of legislation and democratic policies (such as elections culture).

Visit their website to make a donation, learn about volunteer opportunities, or report issues across South Sudan.

For those tuning in from the United States, CARE (a U.S. based humanitarian aid organization), has launched a petition urging congress members to increase humanitarian aid in South Sudan and support conflict resolution efforts in the region.Sign their petition and call on your local representatives to get involved and do all in their power to help end the catastrophe in South Sudan!

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