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Asia continues to see endemic human rights violations across numerous territories, from the imprisonment and repression of Uyghurs in China to the mass killings and expulsion of Rohingya people in Myanmar to the unrelenting persecution of Tibetans. 

In countries like China, where the repressive regime holds a tight grip on media outlets, it is often difficult to obtain reliable information about ongoing human rights violations and construct a full picture of the events taking place. 

In North Korea, a nation under complete dictatorship that is almost hermetically sealed off from the rest of the world, reports of specific developments concerning human rights are extremely difficult to come by

Radio Free Asia is a non-profit corporation broadcasting news to people across Asia and online. 

Founded in 1996, RFA provides critical information from Asian countries and regions in which freedom of press is either heavily restricted or nonexistent. 

The organisation receives its funding from an independent U.S. agency called the United States Agency for Global Media, and is legally protected from U.S. government encroachment on the operation of its journalists.

RFA journalists uncover critical stories of all types of human rights abuses and government misconduct, focusing on Cambodia, China, Laos, North Korea, Tibet and Vietnam. 

RFA journalists have also been leading thorough investigations into the mass detention of Uyghurs in Chinese concentration camps, their surveillance and brutal oppression by the authorities, and the complicity of global corporations who benefit financially from such atrocities. 

The RFA also regularly reports about surveillance tools and practices of governments in Asia and their attacks on journalists and agents of the press.

Please visit the RFA website to access their trove of investigative journalism into human rights abuses that are too often ignored by the mainstream Western media.

Please share their articles on your platforms and help spread the word about their findings. Spreading awareness of these issues is the first step in tackling them and instigating collective action. 

Image: The Daily Star

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