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February 25, 2016

Self-help is the key!

ASAP stands for A Self-Help Assistance Programme and is, according to the webpage of the NGO, "a lobour of love". Two former Peace Corps volunteers, Tom and Elizabeth Arsenault, met in Swaziland while working as teachers there, got married and co-founded ASAP in 1992 with the vision to end poverty through self-help assitance.

In Zimbabwe and Malawi ASAP established sustainable local organizations that implement Savings Group micro-finance projects; helping thousands of families in rural areas improve their household income each year.

In partnership with The Salesian Missions Don Bosco Training Centers, ASAP collects new and used donated tools, which are refurbished as needed and made into specific kits for various artisans such as auto mechanics, carpentry, bricklaying, building, plumbing, electrical and building. Access to an ASAP's Tools For Empowerment kit can mean the difference between perpetual poverty and productivity, as graduates become active members of their community.

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Credits: netzkraft.net

Photo: ASAP

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Self-help is the key!