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May 03, 2019

Seek out your local 350 branch and fight for climate justice

Founded in 2008, 350.org is an international nonprofit organization working to promote the termination of fossil fuel dependency in order to protect communities across the globe from the effects of climate change.

The organization’s three main objectives are to encourage the quick and just transition to renewable, clean energy, halt all new oil, coal, and gas projects from being built, and divesting, desponsoring, and defunding all fossil fuel companies.

A core principle of the organization is to ensure that a transition to a greener world is carried out in a manner that uplifts communities around the world in an equal and fair way. Thus, the majority of their campaigns and initiatives are carried out on the local level.

Using an interactive map, people may learn about events, campaigns, and active branches of 350 in cities and communities across North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. 350 help unite people in their local areas in order to pressure leaders and companies, and advocate for adoption of renewable energy and environmentally friendly policies as well as divestment from fossil fuel and polluting practices.

The organization also organize large-scale campaigns and petitions that hold companies and governments accountable for their funding of coal and fossil fuel companies and encourage them to opt for greener practices out of consideration for both human rights and the environment.

So whether you live in Berlin, Germany or Lagos, Nigeria, please visit 350’s website to learn about their chapters and ongoing campaigns in your local community.

Image credit: 350.org

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Seek out your local 350 branch and fight for climate justice