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November 02, 2018

Learn about and become part of a sustainable off-the-grid energy market

It is estimated that one sixth of people around the world live without access to electricity. This is particularly true in third world and poverty-stricken and developing countries. Such lack of access often exacerbates humanitarian crises of remote communities and hinders their ability to prosper.

Off-the-grid energy systems offer a solution to such problems. Yet, if not operated properly, such systems risk causing even further damage to the communities that utilise it and exacerbate pollution.

Gogla is a non-for-profit international group which facilitates the expansion of affordable, environmentally friendly off-the-grid electric systems, particularly in emerging and developing countries.

Gogla currently represents over 135 companies that deliver quality, affordable, and sustainable off the grid services to remote communities around the world, thereby improving their health, education, and employment opportunities. To date, Gogla members have transformed the lives of over 150 million people world-wide.

The organisation’s main methods of operation include connecting eligible member companies (which comply with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 7) with potential investors, doing advocacy work with local governments and influencers in order to promote policy that supports sustainable off-grid systems and foster an environment of awareness, as well as promoting “globally harmonized minimum quality standards” to ensure consumer protection and safety.

If either you or anyone you know takes an interest in becoming part of this socially and environmentally conscious energy movement, visit the Gogla website and learn about ways in which you can become part of this growing market.

Image: Gogla

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Learn about and become part of a sustainable off-the-grid energy market