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May 21, 2015

Jam the culture of fear with a wave of compassion!

The most persecuted peoples are right now taking to ‘floating coffins’ to flee violence and seek sanctuary for their families. But instead of responding with humanity, the governments of the Global North are closing their doors, letting those who need a safe shelter, food and medical care, starve and drown at sea. The Mediterranean and Andaman Seas are becoming graveyards.

Burma is driving the Rohingya out, and thousands of families are drifting helplessly at sea, forced to drink their own urine because Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia had turned them away. Syrians and Africans risk drowning every week off the coast of Southern Europe, braving the terrifying crossing as their last hope to escape torture, hunger, and traffickers.

This is the biggest refugees crisis since World War II, but so far governments have let them die in a climate of rising xenophobia.

A small donation would help funding rescue operations at sea; building an Avaaz refugee team to assist those missions and resettlement, and create effective lobby cells to get leaders to open up borders; and launch ads to counter the racism.

Together we can help rescue refugees, and rescue our shared humanity.
Pledge to urgently launch the Avaaz refugee campaign - Avaaz will only process your donations if it is raised enough to start saving lives.

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Jam the culture of fear with a wave of compassion!