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October 20, 2020

Help women in Deep South access abortion

Across the United States, women’s reproductive rights are under attack. The looming confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett, a far-right conservative judge, to the Supreme Court threatens the landmark Roe v. Wade decision (1973), which granted universal access to abortion in the United States. 

The situation is particularly dire in Southern and some Mid-Western states, where local governments have passed a slew of laws heavily restricting access to abortion. This disproportionately affects women of colour and other minority groups, who often don’t have the funds to travel across state or even country lines to access the service. 

Access Reproductive Care Southeast (ARC-Southeast) is a nonprofit organisation helping women and families in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee access reproductive care by providing financial and logistical support. 

“Every single one of those states experiences some level of reproductive oppression, whether it comes from the legislature or just ideas of shame, stigma, and fear around abortion,” Oriaku Njoku, one of ARC-Southeast’s founders, told The Intercept. “Yes, Roe v. Wade is a great gift. It made abortion legal, but the reality is that it did not make it accessible.”

“[I]n an effort to promote equality for individuals in the South who may not be equipped with the necessary tools to access reproductive care, we are committed to helping those individuals by providing assistance and creating awareness in Reproductive Justice and Human Rights in the South,” ARC-Southeast states on its website. 

Through its work, the organisation strives to eliminate the economic barriers to reproductive care by providing financial assistance to individuals who meet the organisation’s funding criteria. It also maintains relationships with other reproductive justice organisations and funds throughout the South in order to increase Southern women’s access to healthcare professionals and reproductive care, and engages in policy advocacy efforts, awareness-raising, and community building.

According to The Intercept, since its establishment in 2016, ARC-Southeast has received 16,500 requests for aid. Between July and June 2019, the organisation provided $450,000 in abortion funding and “practical support”, The Intercept reports.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, which precipitated a nation-wide economic collapse, ARC-Southeast has been covering additional expenses for clients, from transportation and lodging to food and masks. 

Please visit ARC-Southeast's website to inquire about volunteer and internship opportunities or make a donation to support its crucial work. You may also help by spreading the word about the organisation and its operations on your social media channels. 

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Help women in Deep South access abortion