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The situation on Lesvos island is still severe: On a daily basis, thousands of refugees arrive on the Greek island right in front of the Turkish north Aegean coast. Mytilene, the capital of Lesvos, houses many different tranistion camps for the numerous arriving refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. These camps could not be maintained without the help of volunteers.

Volunteers are always welcomed and needed but the coordination of all helping hands can be an overwhelming task since many volunteers came to help but find no accommodation to stay for a longer time on the island. Hotel rooms start from 35 EUR per night and living expenses such as food and gasoline are overpriced on the else touristic island.

In an attempt of securing the stream of volunteers coming to Lesvos island, the team of Volunteer's Coordination Lesvos started a crowdfunding campaign in order to raise 6.000 Euros. The funding will be used for covering the costs of all volunteers who came to the island independently, without any supporting organization behind them.

Volunteering is a vital factor in crisis response. Support the coordinators on Lesvos island, chip in and help the helpers!

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