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December 01, 2018

Help make the impact of armed violence known and reduced

Civilian deaths due to armed violence is rising across the globe. From Pakistan to Mozambique to Sri Lanka, gun violence and explosives used in densely populated areas cost the lives of millions. In 2017, 92% of victims of armed violence were innocent civilians caught in the crossfire or residing in areas that were bombarded.

Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) is a nonprofit organization working to reduce the devastation created by armed violence, by researching, reporting on and monitoring cases of armed violence across the globe. Particularly, AOAV focus their research on damage and deaths caused by explosive weapons.

The organization complies detailed reports (by region, country, or year) regarding instances of armed violence and the use of explosive weapons. Their research exposes valuable information regarding the perpetrators of the attacks, the weapons that were used, and the victims. Among the areas they report on regularly are Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, Gaza, Libya, and Turkey.

AOAV’s reports are disseminated internationally through various NGOs and think tanks, as well as the United Nations and several governments (including the British Parliament). Their aim is to pressure governments to curb the use of armed violence and ensure that international regulations are respected in areas of conflict.

AOAV offer several volunteer opportunities in two key areas: research (compiling reports on explosive violence and assisting in investigations into the arms trade) and social media advocacy (spreading the message and findings of the organization through various social media channels). If any of those appeal to you, please visit AOAV’s Volunteer Page for more information.

If you are a victim of armed violence, you may consult AOAV’s Victims’ Rights page, where valuable information regarding victim empowerment can be found.

You also may wish to donate to their cause, and assist them in making sure the international community acknowledges the dire consequences of armed violence and, hopefully, takes steps to reduce its impact.

Image credit: AOAV website.

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Help make the impact of armed violence known and reduced