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December 23, 2018

Help former members of hate groups spread the message of tolerance and acceptance

Racism and xenophobia are on the rise across the globe. While hate crimes have always plagued human society, there is no arguing with the fact that a tide of nationalism and totalitarianism in various parts of the world contribute to a surge in violent incidents inspired by hatred.

In the U.S., hate groups (many of which have lost prominence in the past several decades) now feel emboldened by the new administration and its xenophobic rhetoric and policies.

In 2017 alone, the FBI reported a 17 percent increase in hate crimes, and dozens of new hate groups were founded across the country. This is particularly true of white supremacy and far-right groups, who currently account for 73 percent of lethal extremist incidents in the U.S.

Among the most notorious hate crime attacks in the past few years are the Pittsburgh Synagogue massacre, during which 11 Jews were killed, the Charleston church shooting, during which 9 African Americans were killed, and the murder of Heather Heyer at the Charlottesville anti-fascist rally.

Alas, the atrocities that make the headline constitute but a fraction of the wave of hatred currently raging through the U.S., From defiling Jewish cemeteries to physically and verbally abusing racial minorities to inundating social media with racist vitriol- all have morphed into routine occurrences which together comprise an orgy of hatred.

While the current government seems only to flare up the inferno if racism, other individuals and organizations have taken it upon themselves to tackle the phenomenon. One such organization is Life After Hate, which for several years has been offering support to members of hate crimes who wish to abandon their life of hatred and reintegrate into society.

In addition to offering support to former members of hate groups, Life After Hate actively endeavors to spread information about the reality of hate-crimes in the U.S. and attempts to eradicate racism through education, lectures, and outreach.

One of its many programs, titled We Counter Hate, specifically aims to tackle hate speech on Twitter. Through advanced AI algorithms, the group identifies hateful Tweets and notifies the author that from now on every retweet of the post will generate a contribution to an organization that combats hate (using funds gathered by donation).

Please consider visiting their website to learn more about their programs and volunteer opportunities and donating to their cause.  

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Help former members of hate groups spread the message of tolerance and acceptance