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Most people already know that Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is found in many African countries. In reality however, FGM is a global human rights problem found in countries few automatically associate with the practice: From Brunei to Iraq, as well as countries in the West where immigrants have brought the practice, FGM is a threat to girls and young women.

The German-Iraqi NGO Wadi e.V. is now creating a feature-length documentary film that will expose FGM as a global problem hoping to change societies and save lives. Can a film really do that? Nearly a decade ago, Wadi began documenting and filming evidence of FGM in Kurdistan. They showed their short films to politicians, clerics, village elders, and shared them with the global TV and online media. These films helped change attitudes and even led to a law banning FGM in Kurdistan. Today the majority of Kurds oppose FGM.

Now Wadi wants to take it to the next level and has formed an alliance of anti-FGM activists from Asia to the Middle-East as well as in the West who have begun filming documentary evidence of FGM and collecting statistics. Through petitions they want to lobby governments, release relevant snippets of video as well as the full documentary to local and world media and thus use this evidence to show the public and influence politicians to change the law or enforce existing legislations. As they achieved in Kurdistan, the goal is to shame politicians into action!

Help Wadi e.V. by supporting their new documentary, become one of their activists and help them shape the campaign! In any case: Like, share and spread the message through your channels!

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