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Grassroots Economic Organizing (GEO) is a decentralized collective of educators, researchers and grassroots activists working to promote an economy based on democratic participation, worker and community ownership, social and economic justice, and ecological sustainability. Their strategy implies all forms of grassroots journalism, organizing support, cross-sector networking and movement-building.

GEO is a founding organizational member of the Data Commons Project, a collaborative effort to create a shared, public database of the cooperative economy in North America.

The members of GEO are deeply committed to honoring the self-respect and self-empowerment of others without regard to gender, race, ethnicity, or class. They see profiteering, wealth extraction, and neo-colonialism as substantially underpinning all systems of oppression and underrepresentation. 

Feel encouraged to support GEO by either joining their network, becoming a contributor in several areas, making a donation or simply spreading their contents through your channels.

Credits: Grassrot Economic Organizing

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GEO: Catalyzing worker co-ops and solidarity economy