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July 30, 2015

A passport to another Australia

tags:#Australia, #CuriousWorks, #digital media, #marginalized communities, #racism, #storytelling
by:Deniz Zehra Tavli

CuriousWorks' is an enterprise based in Australia that grew out of a vision to give those in marginalised communities an opportunity to tell their stories.

CuriousWorks' focus lies in building cultural leaders who are taught the skills to document their lives through arts and the use of digital media.

Founder and Creative Director of CuriousWorks is Shakthi Sivanathan who explains the urgent necessity of media produced by and about people from different cultural backgrounds, especially in times of a globally spreading racism:

“The Australia in which our diversity of our cultures classes, geographies is represented through the main way that we share our stories through our media and advertising, tv, papers and at the moment that isn’t the case…those systems don’t reflect the diversity on the ground.” Sivanathan believes in ‘unlocking a cultural captial’ through the sharing of stories.

Support CuriousWorks by sharing and liking their projects, films, blogs an art and help spreading the stories of the unheard!

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A passport to another Australia